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Independent French-German player

ODDO BHF is an independent French-German financial group, created from a French family company and a German bank specialised in the Mittelstand.

The Group has launched its dynamic development strategy on the French-German axis with three acquisitions completed within the space of 18 months, starting in 2014.

Why this choice ?

  • It can be explained by the affirmation of France and Germany as as key players in the euro zone, accounting for 60% of market capitalisation and 50% of companies in the euro zone.
  • The two countries concentrate 150 million inhabitants, 40% of the European GDP and, between the two of them, have 417 listed family companies capitalising more than 100 million euros.
France & Tunisia employees 1,000 Germany employees 1,300


hedged issuers (research, equities and bonds)


employees taking language classes


European companies participated in the 22nd ODDO BHF Forum, which took place in January 2019 in Lyon

French-German governance

  • Convinced that understanding between the French and German teams enriches the corporate culture and the services offered to clients, , the Group has implemented French-German management in all the business lines of the Group, as well as in support functions and supervisory bodies.
  • Within the teams, French-German cooperation ambassadors, called "Bridge Heads," were coached to better understand the French-German ways of working.