Private Wealth Management

Engagement und nachhaltiger Ansatz

ODDO BHF Private Wealth Management handelt im besten Interesse seiner Kunden, mit dem Ziel, ihre langfristigen finanziellen Ergebnisse zu verbessern. Wir sind überzeugt, dass die Integration von Umwelt-, Sozial- und Governance-Kriterien (ESG) in unseren Anlageprozess zu höheren risikobereinigten Renditen führt.

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Commitment and sustainable approach

ODDO BHF Private Wealth Management Germany:

ODDO BHF Private Wealth Management acts in the best interest of its clients with the aim of improving their long-term financial outcomes. We believe that integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment process leads to higher risk-adjusted returns.

More information on product-related disclosure can be found here. 


ODDO BHF  Banque Privée France:

ODDO BHF Banque Privée acts in the best interest of its clients to maximize their long-term financial performance.

The European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires investment solutions to be classified into three categories. To date, ODDO BHF Banque Privée's advisory and discretionary portfolio management are categorized as "Article 6", i.e. they do not take into account sustainability risks and the possible negative impact of investment decisions on sustainability factors, as they are not part of the investment strategy.

However, for direct investments managed by the discretionary portfolio management team, we exclude companies with significant activity in sectors considered unsustainable. This includes the weapons/ armament, gambling, pornography, tobacco and coal industries.