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ODDO BHF (Switzerland) Ltd

About us: the prestigious private bank

The ODDO BHF (Switzerland) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ODDO BHF Aktiengesellschaft in Frankfurt/Main. The company was founded in 1974 and its headquarters are in Zurich.

It devotes its particular attention to investment consultancy and administration as well as to financial planning for a demanding, international private clientele.

  • In addition, its field of responsibilities includes financial investment consulting and management in the corporate sector and the underwriting business on the Swiss capital market.
  • The endeavour of the bank to meet high standards is based on a business policy principle which applies to all the companies of the ODDO BHF (Switzerland) Ltd. : the combination of a properly understood conservative and responsible business philosophy with a decided future orientation, which can, for example, be seen in the use of the most modern analytical and consulting systems.

The ODDO BHF (Switzerland) Ltd is registered with the FINMA and is subject to Swiss laws and practices. As a result it combines the high attraction of the Swiss financial location with comprehensive expertise in the administration of asset investments of international character.

Organisation: an overview

The Board of Directors is responsible for the supervision and control of the bank, while the
Executive Board takes care of the operative direction.

Board of Directors

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Executive Board

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    Swiss deposit insurance 

    Are my deposits covered by the deposit insurance scheme? Yes, like any bank or securities dealer in Switzerland, ODDO BHF (Switzerland) Ltd is required to sign the Agreement by Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers on Deposit Insurance and as such is a member of esisuisse. Client deposits held with Swiss branches of the bank are protected for up to CHF 100,000 per client, per bank. Deposits also include medium-term notes held in the name of the depositor at the issuing bank. All relevant information on the deposit insurance can be found at


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