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Asset management and investment advice

Do capital preservation and security come first for you? Or are you prepared to take on higher risks for above-average opportunities? When investing your assets, do you rely on professional asset management that makes investment decisions for you? Or are you developing your own investment strategy and expecting current and individual investment recommendations from your advisor?

We work with you to find the right investment form for your individual asset structure.


Our portfolio managers control our clients' assets through an investment process that has proven its worth over many different market cycles. We regularly receive awards for outstanding performance.

Firtfive 2019

5 year period, 1st place for the 3rd time in a row

firstfive Ranking Asset Manager – Award February 2019

Our asset management offers you:

  • a balanced ratio of return, risk and availability - according to your risk profile

  • an investment process that has been established for many years with a focus on substantial companies and sustainably profitable business models

  • continuous monitoring of your assets and a comprehensive performance reporting

We at ODDO BHF TRUST have been designing and implementing investment strategies across all asset classes since 1984. We offer you individual investment solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and cover different risk profiles.

Our top priority is to safeguard and increase the value of the client assets entrusted to us. We achieve this through a stringent investment process. It is based on broad, international diversification and the abandonment of complex structures. Another positive factor is the short decision-making paths in the team of our portfolio managers, who have been pursuing this approach together for many years.


Depending on your investment strategy, our capital market experts are always at your disposal for personal advice. The team of experts draws on the bank's own research and is your direct link to the capital markets, providing you with up-to-date analyses and recommendations. However, all investment decisions are in your hands.

Our investment advice offers you:

  • Access to capital market experts

  • Individual allocation and investment recommendations

  • ODDO BHF Capital Market Publications and Economic Analyses

  • Monitoring of strategic asset allocation (depending on solution)

Research-Universe (1)

+ > 130 solutions Funds > 300 single titles Pensions > 600 single titles Shares

(1) Source: ODDO BHF Investment Office, ODDO BHF Trust,
Product management,

ODDO BHF Securities; Status: 01.06.2019

For private investors who are looking for active support with their investments but would like to make their own decision, we offer our Classic Investment Advice. "Professional investors" use our Capital Markets Desk as a sparring partner for investment ideas and strategies, and our "Transaction Advice" supports you in individual capital market transactions.

In ODDO BHF's Private Wealth Management division, we offer investors with an affinity to the capital markets who wish to manage their assets themselves the support of our capital market experts. We see ourselves as a discussion partner who supports you in your investment decisions. We advise you on your investment strategy, asset allocation and the use of individual financial instruments. You make the decisions, we implement them.