Our Commitment


We act for a more sustainable future

Businesses take over a growing responsibility in today's society. As a group, we are committed to playing a full role in this. With our strong entrepreneurial DNA and our ambitious long-term targets we have set ourselves, we aim to offer the highest quality of service. A lot of measures have been taken by our foundations in France and in Germany, and by our management teams, particularly in the field of human relations.

Foundation and endowment fund

Our actions in the field of social and solidarity responsibility are designed for the long-term. We therefore rely on two structures: the endowment fund "Acting for tomorrow" in France and the foundation BHF BANK Stiftung in Germany. In addition, the numerous initiatives of our businesses also reflect our social responsibility and enable us to contribute to the development of a more sustainable future.

CSR is at the heart of our activities

When it comes to financial analysis in the ESG sector, both in equities and bonds, we are one of the European leaders. We are extending our expertise in this area to a growing share of our assets under management.

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Our HR policy

Our employees, who account for 30% of the Group's capital, are at the heart of our Group-wide strategy. We have put in place a series of measures to retain talent, facilitate and promote professional development, in line with the Group's current needs and the wishes of employees. 

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Our CSR Report

In the reference year 2020, we summarized initial data that we aim to improve in the upcoming years. Therefore, we will review the data several times a year and follow the corresponding action plans. 
Read the non-financial statement of the ODDO BHF Group 2020


Our low-carbon Approach

In 2020, we established that we needed to carry out a carbon assessment in order to set target figures and choose indicators to track so that we can have as positive an impact on society as possible. These figures helped us to put together a detailed action plan based on our main indirect sources of emissions.

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