Group commitments for a sustainable future

The commitments of ODDO BHF in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) shape all of the Group’s activities.

In its development and investment strategies, its HR policy, or through its dedicated bodies (endowment fund and foundation), the Group promotes the sustainable economic development of the territories in which it operates.

PRI ESG fund HR policy Certification CSR-activities within the group Endowment fund “ODDO BHF Acting For Tomorrow” Foundation “BHF BANK Stiftung” Support for medical research Mobilisation during emergency situations Scientific projects of a socio-political nature Promotion of contemporary artistic creation and cultural education

CSR at the heart of the strategy of the Group and its business lines.

The Group business lines are heavily involved in CSR:

  • Since 2005, the equities consultancy has an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) centre of expertise.
  • ODDO BHF Asset Management manages several ESG funds amounting to EUR 6.6 billion in assets that respect the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) of the United Nations.

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CSR at the heart of the strategy of the Group and its business

ODDO BHF Acting for tomorrow

An endowment fund to support research and manage urgent situations. Created in 2012, it structures the actions of the Group and involves employees in two areas:

  • Mobilisation during emergency situations: natural, ecological, humanitarian disasters, etc.
  • Support for medical research in the long term, especially through two partners: Doctors Without Borders and the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (Fondation pour la Recherche sur Alzheimer)

Discover the work of the endowment fund, our partnerships and the main actions supported

Foundation BHF BANK Stiftung

The main pillar of the Group’s social and cultural activities in Germany. Under the motto "neue Wege, neue Sichtweisen" (new paths, new perspectives), the foundation initiates:

  • social projects that contribute to the development of contemporary society,
  • scientific projects of a socio-political nature,
  • projects that encourage contemporary artistic production,
  • programmes for artistic and cultural education