February 2020

Philippe Oddo was named as the Franco-German figure of the year by the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce

The award ceremony for the Franco-German Business Prize and the Cultural and Creative Sectors Prize held by the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place in Paris on Thursday 6 February 2020. The Chamber’s jury decided to award the Prize for Business Figure of the Year to Philippe Oddo. This accolade highlights ODDO BHF’s business and entrepreneurial success in France and Germany.

“The strength of the relationship between France and Germany stems primarily from the fact that France and Germany form the economic heart of the Eurozone, accounting for 65% of European market cap. In a context shaped by Brexit and the growing power of the USA and China, we need more trade and closer ties between our two countries. We must build a Europe of the future for the young generations and encourage mobility and learning by developing initiatives such as European civic service or Erasmus for Businesses.”

Philippe Oddo, General Partner and CEO of ODDO BHF

July 2020

Creation of Sparewell, a business inspiration website, for and by millennials

In this unprecedented period, a unique website offers French people aged 25–45 real-life stories, features financial and wealth advice to help them turn their plans and ambitions into meaningful reality. Millennials talk frankly about their experiences, assets, problems and aspirations.

„Our generation rarely has the chance to speak, yet it has big ideas. To put its plans into effect, it needs to be able to rely on inspiring examples and sound advice.“

Anne Bismut, Global Head of French Legal Department, Co-Founder of Sparewell

September 2020

Strengthening our brokerage platform in Europe

Within a few weeks, we signed partnership agreements for our equity brokerage function with two large European banks, the first in the Netherlands – ABN AMRO – and the second in Spain, BBVA. These alliances with leading European players follow on directly from the agreement that we reached three years ago with Natixis in France. Our ambition is to create one of Europe’s biggest investment, capital increase and stock exchange flotation platforms for businesses. This will enable us to expand our financial analysis expertise with very regular monitoring of 110 stocks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and over 60 on the Iberian peninsula. These agreements will enrich our expertise and our knowledge of these regions, for both the advisory teams and also the discretionary private wealth management teams, and also for all of our business functions.

“We are very happy to have formed these partnerships. These new collaborations are bringing complementary teams, expertise and markets together with a view to creating a European leader and a consolidating force in the brokerage market. Following on from the formation of our partnership with Natixis in 2018, these alliances dovetail with our Europe-wide strategy of creating a leading independent financial group in the Eurozone. We plan to continue offering our clients an ever wider range of services and forms of expertise.”

Christophe Tadié, Global Head of Corporates & Markets

December 2020

Switzerland becomes our 3rd domestic market with the acquisition of Landolt

We completed the acquisition of the oldest bank in French-speaking Switzerland, Landolt et Cie, which is based in Lausanne and Geneva and will complement our operations in Zurich at our German bank. The Vaud-based Landolt bank specialises in private wealth management, and we are considering the idea of further developing the company’s expertise there. This acquisition gives us access to the opportunities afforded by Switzerland, which, like Germany, is home to many family-owned companies and a substantial industrial base. Switzerland is at the cutting edge of various sectors including healthcare, food processing, watchmaking and, more generally, services. By bringing together two complementary institutions, one based in French-speaking Switzerland and the other in German-speaking Switzerland, this tie-up will enable clients to benefit from pooled expertise and knowledge as well as access a wider range of services. We are keen to give responsible, sustainable and ethical investment a central role.

“Landolt & Cie has a long tradition as the oldest bank in western Switzerland, like ODDO BHF, and is one of the leading private bank in Switzerland. We are pleased to be represented in Geneva and Lausanne in addition to our bank in Zurich. Switzerland is an attractive banking center for German, French and international clients and we now want to further expand our activities in wealth management, asset management and corporate banking.”

Joachim Häger, Global Head of Private Wealth Management

Strengthening our Private Assets activities

At the end of a productive and defining year for the Private Equity and Private Debt functions in 2020, ODDO BHF is strengthening its private asset management activities with the launch of a Venture Capital business. With over EUR 2.5 billion raised by the end of 2020, the incorporation of this new function providing financing to younger businesses will broaden our unlisted expertise and enable us to offer unique investment solutions tailored to our clients’ expanding needs. This year, the Private Assets offer has also been enlarged with thematic strategies by launching two funds: a senior private debt fund dedicated to the financing of German Mittelstand companies; and a private equity fund dedicated to ecological transition. This complementary approach towards investments targeting different stages in the life cycle of companies, which involves equity or debt and addresses specific themes, confirms our ambitions to expand our offering across the broad spectrum of private assets.

“Drawing on our Private Equity, Private Debt and Venture Capital expertise, we are happy to offer innovative solutions to our investors. We propose them unlisted strategies that address both the big challenges affecting our society and also respond to market opportunities.”

Nicolas Chaput, Global CEO of ODDO BHF Asset Management & Private Assets