Please note that the Combocard is the successor product to the ODDO BHF debit card, which is valid until 31 December 2023.





The ODDO BHF Combocard, a combination of girocard and debit Mastercard, enables you to make cashless payments and withdraw cash. It can be used worldwide: in retail outlets, at ATMs and for online payments.


Withdraw cash from ATMs: For cash withdrawals at ATMs and for payments at automated teller machines in Germany and abroad, you can withdraw up to EUR 2,000 per day, up to a maximum of EUR 10,000 per week. At Postbank, Deutsche Bank and ING ATMs you can withdraw cash free of charge with your ODDO BHF Combocard.

Contactless payment: The Combocard is equipped with a contactless payment function. At all terminals labelled with the contactless symbol, you can pay quickly and for amounts up to EUR 50 without entering your PIN by simply placing your card on the terminal. Your PIN is required for higher amounts. For security reasons, a PIN is also requested in individual cases for amounts under EUR 50.

Domestic payments: If you use the ODDO BHF Combocard in Germany, the girocard function is preferred.

Paying abroad: Under the EU Price Regulation, you have the option of having the currency conversion charge displayed on your mobile phone by text message. Further information can be found on this website under "EU Price Regulation". This also applies to cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad.

Paying on the Internet: Information on online use and the necessary registration for the 3D Secure procedure can be found on this website under "Authentication for online purchases".

Reservations: With the Combocard you can make reservations in hotels and with car hire companies up to EUR 3,000. Insurance, as you may be familiar with from your credit card, is not integrated.

What to do if you lose your card: If you lose your ODDO BHF Combocard, have it blocked immediately by calling the emergency number: +49 116 116 and report the loss to the relevant police authority.

Mastercard® Identity Check™ for payments when shopping online


Maximum security for credit card payments on the Internet: Mastercard® Identity Check™ is a legitimisation procedure that verifies the identity of cardholders when making online credit card payments. Authentication is based on a dynamic password. Cardholders have the option of making their online payment via an app (by fingerprint or PIN). Registration on the ODDO BHF website for Mastercard® Identity Check™ is required.


Registration for cardholders

Cardholders register for Mastercard® Identity Check™ on the ODDO BHF website. During this initial authentication, certain identity verification features are requested. The cardholder selects a procedure for authorising future online purchases. This can be done via the "Transakt" app on the smartphone. Registration during the purchase is not possible; it must take place before the first purchase.


Identification of the cardholder

For identification purposes, cardholders are asked to provide the credit card number and the card expiry date of the selected card; additionally, the date of birth and the last four digits of the corresponding account number / IBAN are requested. The mobile phone number must also be entered.

After entering the identification code, cardholders must decide on an authentication procedure that will be used to authorise future purchases.

ODDO BHF offers one method:

In the procedure, cardholders are guided through all necessary registration steps by the browser.

During the process, cardholders are guided through all the necessary registration steps by the browser.


Registration for app approval

In order to be able to authorise transactions via the app at a later date, cardholders must register accordingly. First, the "Transakt" app must be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store and installed on the smartphone. Further, the credit card must be added in the app and linked to the app. Cardholders then specify whether they want to authorise payments in the app in future using Touch ID/fingerprint or PIN. If all entries are successful, a registration confirmation message appears in the browser.


Authentication for online shopping

Via app approval

If buyers have registered their card for Mastercard® Identity Check™ via the app, they are forwarded directly to the payment process when making an online purchase, where the relevant information about the purchase is listed. At the same time, they receive a push notification on their smartphone asking them to authorise the payment in the Transakt app. Once the payment has been authorised via the app, the merchant receives the authorisation and the purchase is completed. The cardholder's browser window is automatically redirected back to the online shop.

Debit Mastercard registration for 3-D Secure / Mastercard Identity Check™

Online shopping with credit card

FAQ about the Identity Check


Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact our credit card service at any time.

Identity Check
Phone: +49 (0)69 / 7182700


EU Price Regulation - Information on currency conversion fees via SMS


As of 19 April 2021, the new provisions of the EU Pricing Regulation on cross-border payments will apply. Accordingly, credit institutions are obliged to inform giro/combocard holders immediately of a currency conversion fee if the customer withdraws cash in a foreign EEA currency* from an ATM using their card (in an EEA currency other than the euro in each case) or makes a card-based payment at a point of sale in a foreign EEA currency.

We currently do not charge any currency conversion fees for the above-mentioned card-based payment transactions using a Giro/Combocard. All other third-party charges (e.g. ATM operators) remain unaffected by this. Even if you do not pay a currency conversion fee with us, we are still obliged to inform you immediately about the currency conversion for each relevant card-based payment transaction in the EEA foreign currency. We will send you this notification by SMS. To enable us to fulfil our legal obligations, we ask you to provide us with your mobile phone number. Please contact your relationship manager for this purpose. If you wish, you can also opt not to receive notifications about the currency conversion fee.

After registering your mobile phone number using the form below, you will receive notifications of the uncharged currency conversion fee by text message immediately after the first payment transaction initiated in the month using a Giro/Combocard in a foreign EEA currency. At the end of the month, you will receive a further notification by SMS that Giro/Combocard transactions in a foreign EEA currency have been initiated. We would like to point out that your mobile phone number will be transmitted and processed by us and by the service providers commissioned by us to fulfil the statutory notification obligations. In addition, we refer to the data protection information of ODDO BHF SE in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation for "natural persons", which you can find on our homepage in the "Data protection" section.

*EEA foreign currencies currently include: Bulgarian lev, Danish krone, Icelandic krone, Croatian kuna, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona, Swiss franc (here only Liechtenstein), Czech koruna, Hungarian forint.

Form for sending information about the EEA currency conversion fee by SMS

Act on the Placing on the Market, Return and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ElektroG)


End users are obliged not to dispose of old electrical appliances in general household waste, but must dispose of them separately. The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on your card indicates this. Please dispose of the product via the return and collection systems in your region. The distributors of waste electrical and electronic equipment are obliged to take back waste electrical and electronic equipment free of charge in accordance with the criteria set out in § 17 (1) and (2) ElektroG. As the end user, you are obliged to separate used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old appliance, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old appliance without destroying them, from the old appliance without destroying them before handing them in at a collection point. We would also like to point out that you yourself are responsible for deleting personal data on the old appliances to be disposed of before handing them in.