Private Wealth Management

Wealth planning


Your personal situation and financial goals are the benchmark for our advice. That is why an analysis of your entire asset structure is at the beginning of the process. We support you in structuring the individual assets in such a way that risks can be avoided, reduced and controlled -and thus jointly pave the way for your optimal, long-term asset structure.


You don't want to deal with complex financial and capital market issues in detail, but you want to be up to date at all times? Amandate with ODDO BHF gives you the certainty that your assets will be professionally managed and monitored in accordance with your wishes and risk considerations.

Asset Management and investment advice


You would like to make your investment decisions yourself? At the same time, do you want a competent and experienced contact person with whom you can discuss your ideas? Your personal ODDO BHF advisor is at your side as a trusted financial partner and identifies individual investments that fit your risk profile as well as your investment goals.