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Asset management & investment advisory

Do capital preservation and security come first for you? Or are you prepared to take on higher risks for above-average opportunities? When investing your assets, do you rely on professional asset management that makes investment decisions for you? Or are you developing your own investment strategy and expecting current and individual investment recommendations from your advisor?

We work with you to find the right investment form for your individual asset structure.

Asset management

Your assets are managed by our ODDO BHF TRUST portfolio managers using a proven investment process. With active investment decisions, we pursue the goal of safeguarding your assets while at the same time achieving an attractive return. We regularly receive awards from independent test institutes for the outstanding performance of our asset management.

Firstfive 2023

1st Place firstfive 2023

For the 5 years investment period

Our asset management offers you:

  • A balanced ratio of return, risk and availability - according to your risk profile

  • A long-established investment process with a focus on substantial companies and sustainably profitable business models

  • Continuous monitoring of your assets

  • Comprehensive performance reporting


Investment advisory

In line with your investment strategy, our team of capital market experts draws on the bank's own research and is your direct link to the capital markets. We support you in individual investment decisions or fully - from the definition of your investment strategy to the execution of your trading orders. All investment decisions are in your hands.

Our investment advisory offers you:

  • Personal advice from capital market experts

  • Individual allocation and investment recommendations

  • ODDO BHF Capital Market Publications and Economic Analyses

  • Monitoring of strategic asset allocation (depending on solution)

Research-Universe (1)

Funds > 190 solutions Pensions > 850 single titles Shares > 700 single titles

(1) Source: ODDO BHF Trust, ODDO BHF Securities, Product management

Status: 31.01.2022

Sensible diversification is the decisive factor for a successful long-term investment strategy. That is why, in addition to asset management solutions with different risk weightings, we also offer you sustainable concepts, exclusive funds and investments in private equity and real estate.