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Private Equity & Real Estate in asset allocation

Private equity and real estate as alternative asset classes can play an important role as building blocks in asset allocation - not only do they serve to diversify portfolios, but they also offer opportunities for attractive returns, especially in the context of historically low interest rates and a corresponding willingness to take risks.

Private Equity

ODDO BHF supports you in implementing a customized asset allocation, and private equity can play an important role in this. Especially in the context of historically low interest rates, there are opportunities for attractive returns if you are willing to take the appropriate risks.

You can invest in non-listed companies either directly or indirectly via broadly diversified private equity funds. Both variants require a long-term investment horizon, as early disposal is usually not possible or only possible at considerable cost.

While direct investments require very high minimum investments, private equity funds can usually be subscribed to with lower investment sums and offer significantly more risk diversification.

Our in-house management company ODDO BHF Private Equity specializes in the management of private equity funds of funds in the primary and secondary markets with a focus on Europe and North America. The focus is on the lower to mid-market segment with investment volumes between EUR 10 and 100 million. The aim is to build up portfolios of companies with value enhancement potential. Our private equity funds of funds in the primary sector sometimes also take direct stakes in companies, i.e. co-investments, alongside the target funds they subscribe to (so-called hybrid structures). Co-investments are made within the framework of the Fund's investment strategy. As a rule, the Oddo family or the ODDO BHF Group also invests as an anchor investor in the funds placed by ODDO BHF.

If suitable, we are also happy to make private equity funds of renowned other management companies available to you.

The fund-specific requirements with regard to special knowledge and experience, the investment horizon, the risk/return profile, etc. must be observed on a client-specific basis.


Real Estate

Real estate can be an important building block in asset allocation. You can invest in real estate either directly or indirectly through real estate funds.

In direct investments, for example, apartment buildings, office buildings or retail properties are acquired by one or a few investors. As a rule, this requires large investment volumes and, for sufficient diversification, large total assets. ODDO BHF offers you real estate brokerage services if you are interested in direct investments. We use a search profile to record your purchase wishes. As soon as a suitable offer is available, we bring you together with the potential contract partner. You are already directly invested in real estate and intend to sell? In this case, we will be happy to bring you together with potential buyers among our clientele, discreetly and without obligation.

Real estate funds can usually be subscribed to from a lower investment amount. The fund manager then invests the money according to a predefined strategy. Compared to direct investments, this allows for greater diversification, as real estate funds invest in a large number of investment properties. ODDO BHF draws on the expertise of renowned external cooperation partners for real estate funds in order to provide clients with access to selected offers.

The fund-specific requirements, for example with regard to special knowledge and experience, the investment horizon, the risk/return profile, etc., must be taken into account on an individual client basis.