Research & Brokerage

Equity and sector analyses, macroeconomic studies and chart analyses, ESG, NextCap morning meetings, small caps, mid caps, large caps, etc. Access ODDO BHF Securities Research

Offers & Services

Equities Brokerage

  • Increased coverage research with strong sector expertise and a pan-European expansion.

  • With 40 Sales Traders and Traders, ODDO BHF competes to offer a comprehensive and relevant execution offer: High Touch and Low Touch (DMA, DSA & Program Trading) on cash Equity, Retail Trading on all cash products, including warrants and certificates, ETF pricing and Corporate Trading with Front to Back operated in Paris.


  • European credit research and access to liquidity on all European bond markets

  • Private debt investments in euros

  • Trade desk for lending/borrowing securities

Exchange-Traded Derivatives (etd)

  • Execution and implementation of orders on all the main stock exchanges of North America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia

  • Rapid and competitive pricing

  • Active portfolio optimisation assistance

  • Derivatives research (trading strategies related to the market or guided by volatility)

  • "Best execution"