Metal Trading

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Value proposition

An offer covering the entire supply chain

  • Our physical intermediation activity on the non-ferrous metal market (aluminium, copper, zinc, pewter, etc.) enables us to provide the metal processing industry with a full range of services in contrast to most of our competitors, who are more focused on acquiring production shares.

  • Our service is aimed at all those involved in the industrial metals sector, including metal production and processing...

  • So that it may ultimately be distributed throughout the automotive, aerospace, cable, construction, chemical and packaging industries.


  • This choice regulates and officialises our Quality & Environment action within the ODDO BHF SCA group.

  • It enables us to sustainably affirm our reputation with all of our clientèle and demonstrates our constant improvement of our services in a spirit of listening and client service.

Since its creation in 2006, ODDO BHF Metals has been at the side of its global producer partners and its mainly European processing clients. Our mission of securing the supply of our industries, in the context of long-term relationships, will always remain our priority in the expansion phases as well as in recession phases, and also in the face of current international trade tensions.
Antoine Chacun
Antoine Chacun Managing Director ODDO BHF Metals