Metal Trading

Order and delivery tracking, online price simulation, markets in real time, etc. Access the ODDO BHF Metals client space

Offers & services

Security of supply

  • Secure and reliable sourcing of industrial metals from a large and diversified panel of miners and first-tier producers.

Optimisation and control of logistics flows

  • Global control of the non-ferrous metals supply chain, from the main production sites around the world to their distribution at our processing clients, thanks to innovative logistics solutions that are optimal in terms of costs and deadlines.

Heading of market risks

  • Expertise in providing tailored solutions for price, foreign exchange and premium hedging to enable producers and processors of industrial metals to secure their revenues and/or margins.

Global financing of operations

  • Financing of flow, carrying of inventory, financing of payment terms that are geared to the sales cycle, allowing producers and processors to reduce the tied capital of producers and metal processors.