Account Safekeeping And Custodial Services

Offers & services 

Differentiated software solutions derived from our Research & Development: 

  • Bespoke costumer reportings 

  • White label websites, applications for tablets and smartphones  

  • Dematerialised management of life insurance contracts

  • Easy connection to third-party tools 

Services for private banks

  • Bespoke offer based on front-to-back solutions developed for the specific needs of private banks

Services for life insurance companies

  • Useful platform for the administrative management of sophisticated life insurance contracts distributed by private banks or IFA networks

Account management for third parties

  • Robust solutions that are easy to be applied, combined with a proven service quality for independent private asset manager

Depository for UCITS and alternative investment funds

  • Solid organization and knowledge as a fund manager, complemented by the partnership with EFA for valuation and settlement of fund

Services for Private Assets

  • Accounting expertise and support services for middle offices of asset managers active in the management of institutional and public private asset funds