Graduate Programs

Why join an ODDO BHF Graduate Program?


Our Business Graduate Programs are designed to accelerate your career. Whether it is in Private Wealth Management or Equity Research, we have developed programs that allow you to establish a fine understanding of our business activities, our clients’ expectations and our products.

These programs offer you a unique opportunity to:

  • Acquire expertise through direct contact with our experts and carry out a variety of assignments that will enable you to handle complex client issues.
  • Contribute directly to the achievements and successes of the Group by having a real added value.
  • Develop your internal and external network, your leadership skills, your persuasiveness and your ability to work in a team.


This program is designed for Master’s graduates and will enable you to join the Group on a permanent contract while working across different business areas during your first few months. 


Our Graduate Programs

At ODDO BHF, we offer two Graduate Programs: Private Wealth Management and Equity Research.


Private Wealth Management Graduate Program

Are you interested in Private Banking? Then opt for our “Private Wealth Management Graduate Program”, which will enable you to progress within the different fields of Private Wealth Management and in other Group business units, mainly in France and/or Germany but also in Switzerland.


Equity Research Graduate Program

Are you interested in Equity Research? ODDO BHF offers an “Equity Research Graduate Program”, which will enable you to progress within the Equity Research Department, but also within the Group's various business units in France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.