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The Group 3/13/2019

Innovation, a key driver of the ODDO BHF Group’s growth

ODDO BHF is a family-owned company built over 5 generations, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial and innovation dynamics. Innovation is part of the Group's DNA and permeates all our activities in order to better serve the ambitions of our clients and transform the everyday life of our employees. The Group continually invests in research and information systems, which enables us to provide our clients, entrepreneurs or businesses, with innovative and agile banking solutions. The group also makes investments in FinTech to support and contribute to the innovation dynamics of the mainly European financial sector.

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Serve our clients’ ambitions

Developing innovative products and offers

We constantly develop innovative products and solutions in order to meet the needs of our clients. For example, we participated in the launch of the following funds:

  • Alpha Intelligence Capital (AIC): a venture capital fund dedicated to artificial intelligence, led by renowned experts and entrepreneurs in this field
  • ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence: our first thematic fund using Artificial Intelligence in its investment process 

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« ODDO BHF Asset Management launches the fund ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence »


ODDO BHF plays an active role in innovation in the financial sector

ODDO BHF regularly invests in FinTech (Financial Technologies) and InsurTech (Insurance Technologies), in the B2C or B2B2C segment, mainly in France and Germany, with a unique value proposition, an outstanding management team as well as an ambitious business model.

Our recent investments in FinTech/InsurTech include:

  • Lydia is a universal mobile payment service provider.
  • Simplesurance is an insurance product provider for e-commerce and a digital insurance broker.
  • Wizbii is a B2B2C service provider helping businesses to strengthen their relationships with young graduates entering in the professional life.

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« ODDO BHF acquires a stake in InsurTech Simplesurance »


Transform the everyday life of our employees

Foster a digital culture

ODDO BHF sets up training programs and academic partnerships for its employees. As a result, 40 Digital Champions have been selected throughout the Group's businesses and will  attend training courses and work on innovative projects, mainly implying BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms.

The Group also organizes internal innovative calls for projects. One of them enabled to launch The Ladies Bank, an information platform which aims to encourage women to take more care of their heritage and develop their network.

In parallel, we established several academic partnerships, notably with the CFEE Program of the Webschool Factory and the Université Paris Sciences & Lettres, the ESPRIT University in Tunis and Schoolab.

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« ODDO BHF teams up with Innovation Factory and Université Paris Science & Lettres »


Provide our teams with effective tools

ODDO BHF fosters the use of new effective IT tools within its teams. In an international environment, the group is also adapting its working tools to new forms of collaboration which are increasingly mobile and flexible (remote collaborative tools, flexible workplaces, etc.).