Mobility is at the heart of ODDO BHF's career management policy


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Mobility is at the heart of ODDO BHF's career management policy

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As soon as a job position is open or vacant, an internal mobility offer is sent to all employees, who are free to submit their application to Human Resources.
External recruitment is only carried out when the job position cannot be filled by internal mobility, on sensitive or specific skills or professions. For instance, in 2017 the Group supported 23 internal mobility projects in France. With its development in Germany, the Group has also endeavored to promote Franco-German mobility by putting in place arrangements that facilitate these dynamics.  At the end of 2017, 7 Franco-German mobility projects were completed.

The Group's training policy supports employee mobility
The training plan has 2 main objectives:
• responding to the individual wishes and learning needs of employees, 
• providing support and development around key skills, in particular management, business expertise, business development, language skills...


Caroline Wintrebert
Family Office Manager

My background

I joined ODDO BHF in January 2012, as a young business school graduate. I started at the Inspection department, which enabled me to discover the entire Group as well as the financial professions that I hadn't really learned about during my studies. As a member of the “Parcours Jeune Talent” (precursor of our European Talent Program), I was then able to join the Private Wealth Management teams in Paris at the end of 2013, at the head of the Commercial Engineering team. I learned the basics of private management from the sales teams but also from the management teams and tax specialists. Finally, in 2015, following an internal opportunity, I was brought to set up the Family Office team in Paris, still within the Private Wealth Management. The team now consists of 3 members and is still developing with a long-term perspective with our largest customers. 

What I do every day

The Family Officer is a generalist job as an asset manager. It requires understanding and managing all of our clients' wealth management issues, whether it be financial, legal, tax or family governance. Our clients' trust is essential to anticipate all these issues. Our clients entrust us with the management of the entirety of their estate and not only their financial assets: confidentiality and attention are indispensable. In addition, the nature of our clients requires a very high level of standards and versatility. There is no "routine", each client being unique in his/her expectations, objectives and profiles. It is imperative to be adaptable and not be afraid of the unknown in this type of job. 

A personal anecdote 

When I joined the Group it counted about 700 employees. I look back and realize that there are 2,300 of them today. I am a "pure ODDO BHF product" and I sometimes have the feeling that I grew alongside the Group...

Advice for candidates

My advice is based on common sense: being open in a Group that emphasizes human relations both between employees and customers. You shouldn’t be afraid to think beyond the given framework. We work within an entrepreneurial family group that strongly cultivates this spirit of innovation and dynamism.

The European Talent Program - Developing potential 
The European Talent Program is a very selective program, combining responsibilities, sponsorship and mobility abroad. It lasts 3 years and allows young French and German graduates to join the Group on permanent contracts, with specific support throughout its duration. During these first 3 years, the employee will spend at least 12 months in France and 12 months in Germany and can thus be a true ambassador of our Franco-German corporate culture. In 2017, the European Talent Program had 7 members. Learn more about this program

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