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ODDO BHF completes the acquisition of QUILVEST BANQUE PRIVEE and renames it LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN


They talk about us 10/13/2022

ODDO BHF completes the acquisition of QUILVEST BANQUE PRIVEE and renames it LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN

ODDO BHF2 Minutes

ODDO BHF Group today announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of QUILVEST BANQUE PRIVEE S.A., which will change its name to LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN as a result.

QUILVEST BANQUE PRIVEE was founded by the Bemberg family and has been present in Paris for over 100 years. The bank has developed a unique know-how that makes it a trusted and outstanding partner for its clients, entrepreneurs, family businesses, institutional investors, and private individuals. Today, the bank manages assets of over 2 billion euros for 2,500 clients.

The overall concept developed by QUILVEST BANQUE PRIVEE will be continued in LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN. The management and all the teams will continue to serve their clients from 243 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris.

This fusion of two family-owned companies will allow LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN's clients and teams to continue to benefit from the services they have enjoyed up to now, but also to have access to the most advanced IT tools and the additional services of a leading European financial company.

LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN will rely on the back and middle office, control, reporting and IT infrastructures of ODDO BHF Group. The Group has a widespread network and extensive knowledge of the European market. It can rely on expertise in Private Wealth Management and Asset Management and also relies on its brokerage platform, which is No. 1 in France, No. 1 in the Benelux and No. 2 in Germany, covering more than 700 European share values.

With LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN, ODDO BHF Group strengthens its position in Private Wealth Management, a segment in which ODDO BHF intends to continue to grow significantly in France and Europe.

Philippe Oddo, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of ODDO BHF, emphasizes: "BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN is now a subcompany of ODDO BHF Group, but retains an independent brand and positioning. Together, we share common values in the service of our clients: Entrepreneurship, Independence, Advisory Quality and Innovation."

Eric Libault, Chairman of LA BANQUE PRIVEE SAINT-GERMAIN, added: "Over the past few months, our teams have worked closely together to benefit as quickly as possible from ODDO BHF Group’s environment, tools and services. We are pleased to embark on this new stage, which will represent a new development for the benefit of the Group and its clients, with a new name and an expanded offering."










ODDO BHF is a European financial group with French, German and Swiss roots whose history goes back over 240 years. Formed from a French family bank, a German private bank focused on the Mittelstand and a Swiss private bank, the Group gathers 2,500 employees and serve clients in France, Germany, Switzerland, and all around the world, united by an entrepreneurial spirit.
ODDO BHF offers its clients tailored and sustainable product and advisory solutions in the areas of Private Wealth Management, Asset Management and Corporates & Markets, under the guiding principle “ make every day an opportunity”.
The strength and independence of the Group is based on a unique shareholder structure since 65% of the Group's capital is held by the Oddo family, and 25% by its employees. This spirit of partnership is a guarantee of high long-term employee commitment. In 2021, net income from ODDO BHF's banking business amounted to €780 million. The Group's consolidated equity amounted to over €1 billion as of December 31, 2021, and managed clients’ assets of over 145 billion euros.


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