Innovation at the heart of our HR policy

Innovation at the heart of our HR policy

The Group also organises calls for innovative internal projects. Consequently, were launched:

  • In 2016, The Ladies Bank, an information platform that aims to inspire women to look after their wealth more and develop their network.
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Digital Champions

40 Digital Champions were chosen throughout the Group’s business areas to undertake training and work on innovative projects, particularly Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Innovative internal projects

The Group also organises calls for innovative internal projects. One of them made it possible to launch The Ladies Bank, an information platform that aims to inspire women to look after their wealth more and develop their network.

Web School Factory

ODDO BHF is a partner of Web School Factory, a management school dedicated to digital transformation founded in 2012 by Anne Lalou. It has developed an innovative system that brings together the academic (teaching staff and students) and corporate worlds.

ODDO BHF’s decision to partner with this project testifies to the interest the Group takes in digital transformation and its commitment to developing innovative solutions. The objective is fourfold:

  • Promote intrapreneurship
  • Link the company to innovation ecosystems
  • Connect students to the professional world
  • Take steps towards equality of opportunity
A curriculum designed for Group employees

Based on the belief that the digital world is bringing about new training pathways and involves new disciplines and ways of learning, this partnership offers Group employees who are selected a rich curriculum in a variety of disciplines.

Thus, this training offers classes in project management, methodology, design, communication and management, ensuring an operational and pragmatic program. It sets the goal of supporting companies in their digital transformation by training future managers in today's digital challenges. Thus, at the end of the course, selected employees will bear the responsibility of becoming ambassadors of the new methods, technologies and ways of thinking throughout the group.

In parallel, we have also established academic partnerships with ESPRIT University in Tunisia and Schoolab.

Lunch & Learn

We often organise " Lunch & Learns " on innovation. Topics address the following thematics: " Agility ", " Design Thinking ", " UX Design ", " Client Understanding " or " Blockchain ".

Managerial skills: Promoting agility and innovation

At the end of 2018, we formalised eight skills and behaviours associated with succeeding as an ODDO BHF Group manager. We then created the Management Coaching Programme in eight modules, each one covering one of these skills.

Among them, " Agility and Innovation " is a key module which shows the Group's commitment to improving day-to-day managerial practices and keeping pace with digital transformation.

The Group’s top 100 managers have been trained in 2019 and 2020 via group coaching sessions.

We have worked on a digital version of this program, the eMCP, based on the concept of coaching around our 8 managerial skills. This digital program will be deployed in the 2nd quarter of 2021 and will be accessible via an application to all our managers in French, German and English.

ODDO BHF x HEC Business Project

As part of the “ODDO BHF Financial Analysis” professorship at HEC, our Innovation team suggests each year projects that can be entrusted to students as part of the Business Project offered in some majors at HEC. For example, in 2019, two students worked on investment strategy in Fintechs/Insurtechs, and in 2020, the topic was about the use of artificial intelligence in the management of thematic equity funds. In 2021, three students were assigned to work on the ODDO BHF Group's Open Innovation strategy. For each of these projects, the students are supported by operational staff who guide them in their consulting mission.

ODDO BHF x HEC Business Project

ODDO BHF is a partner of CentraleSupélec since the end of 2020. As part of this partnership, second-year students work with experts from our teams on various subjects within our business lines.