Corporate Finance

Public M&A / ECM

ODDO BHF is a leading player in Public M&A / ECM and one of the leading tender offer presenting banks on Euronext Paris.

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Senior Team

Technical Expertise

Public M&A

  • With a double expertise in structuration and appraisals, ODDO BHF operates as:

    • Advisor on transfers, mergers, or spin-offs of listed companies

    • Presenting and guaranteeing bank of tender offers on all Euronext markets

  • ODDO BHF helps its clients in the structuring and execution of their operations:

    • Public M&A

    • Market transfer

    • Delisting and Squeeze-out

Equity Capital Markets

  • IPOs on Euronext and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

  • Capital increases

    • Public Offers

    • Private Placements

  • Secondary Share Offerings / ABB